Stamp Art by Simon Butler

Stamp Art by Simon Butler

Single-use stamps combined to create a narrative.
My work composes narratives between images that appear on used and retired postage stamps. Through combining these previously unconnected images, each stamps' context is altered and new interactions are established. Each piece of work focuses on the ways in which humans interact with one another and the world around them, taking a critical view of social, political and cultural issues and focusing on a range of subject matter including murder, political relations, hunting, sports etc. This idea-driven direction developed from an interest in the ways that unrelated images are combined within day to day life, whether it is billboards, magazine advertising, items on shop shelves or stamps on an envelope, and how images being placed next to one another can alter the context in which they are viewed. I chose to work with stamps not only for their aesthetic qualities, but also due to the way they successfully convey an idea, despite their small size and reduced colour palettes. I was also initially drawn to stamps due to their single-use nature, yet many go on to be treasured as collectors items, and sold for vast sums of money, an idea that can be related to many areas of of the contemporary art market.
You can see more of Simon's work on his website or follow him on Twitter.
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