Transforming Still Life Painting by Rob and Nick Carter

Transforming Still Life Painting by Rob and Nick Carter

A ground-breaking piece of digital film that brings to life a 16th century Dutch painting, recreated as a three-hour long animated sequence. Shown at last year's Maastricht Art Fair, the film was displayed on an Apple iMac and concealed behind an original old master frame.
Rob and Nick Carter's latest departure is a ground-breaking piece of digitally engineered film that takes as its subject a painting by the Dutch Golden Age master, Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder. Working with one of the world’s leading companies for digital visual effects, The Moving Picture Company, the Carters directed an animated version of Bosschart’s Vase With Flowers in a Window. The undertaking was enormous and after two years the artists have produced a piece of incomparable technological invention and artistic quality. Quite literally nothing has been created on this scale before, the piece lasts 3 hours and involved several thousands of hours of digital rendering, more than a feature length animated film. Every aspect of Bosschaert’s painting has been brought to life including each flower stem, insect and the scenery. The film lasts three hours and takes the painted scene from early morning darkness through to noon (where the film exactly resembles the original painting) into dusk and late night. 
You can see the complete film sped up to 3 minutes here.
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