Studio Physics: Photos by John Chervinsky

Studio Physics: Photos by John Chervinsky

Photo series exploring perspective and the physical phenomena of still and moving objects in space over time.
My process is as follows:

1) Compose and photograph a still life. 2) Crop a subset of the image and send it to a painting factory in China. 3) Wait for an anonymous artist in China to complete an actual oil painting of the cropped section, and send it to me in the mail. 4) Reinsert the painting into the original setup and re-photograph.

As with previous work, I’m interested in issues relating to perspective. I’m interested in the tensions expressed in the comparison between reality vs. representation. I’m interested in what happens when I collaborate with another artist that has no idea that they are involved in a collaboration, and I’m interested in seeing and expressing subtle changes over time that we might otherwise take for granted.
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