Imperial Pomp: Photos of Post-Soviet High-Rise Buildings by Frank Herfort

Imperial Pomp: Photos of Post-Soviet High-Rise Buildings by Frank Herfort

Photos of grand, new buildings in remote areas of the former Soviet Union constructed since the fall of Communism that look strange and pompous.
After exploring Moscow’s structures I realised, that in all cities and former Soviet countries you can find such buildings. So, I travelled to Vladivostok, to Blagoveshchensk on the Chinese border on River Amur, to Astana in Kazakhstan, to Baku in Azerbaijan, to Sochi and to St Petersburg. And everywhere in between. I was always impressed by these huge constructions while driving through Moscow. Moscow doesn´t have a big skyline or big houses in the cityscape, and then I was even more impressed when suddenly there appeared one of these big new coloured buildings. They are standing like single flowers cropped in the landscape. The strange thing is that these buildings are also used to manipulate the humans and try to make them feel small. I never had the idea, that these buildings are constructed and designed for people. If you go inside or around, you see that there are no infrastructure, no pavements, no real access.
The photo series is available in book form here.
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