Surreal Paintings by Roby Dwi Antono

Surreal and dreamy paintings by Indonesian artist Roby Dwi Antono. A multi-awarded graphic designer by profession and a self-taught artist, his works are strongly influenced by pop surrealist Mark Ryden. Like Ryden, Antono's paintings are full of symbolism and he expresses his pop sensibilities using painterly techniques inspired by 19th century European realists. However, the visual language he developed is an amalgamation of 90s pop culture, local culture and his own personal idioms. Themes of solitude and loss are explored by Antono through the use of innocuous visual metaphors of rabbits and little children. One painting entitled Piece of September is a tribute to his brother who passed away in 2011, with family members symbolized by figures sitting at a table eating a live crocodile. Roby represents himself as a gloomy rabbit, his mother as a three-headed girl, his father as a figure with a crab claw head and his deceased brother as a suited figure with a lily for a head symbolizing purity, simplicity and spirituality.